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The Gate CRomwell

Summer Fruit Picking

Diverse Bounty

Cromwell's orchards offer an abundance of fruits, from cherries and apricots, to peaches and nectarines. Whether you have a favourite fruit or love trying new ones, our local orchards promise a delicious array to explore. Fruit picking is an unforgettable experience for families, tourists, and fruit-lovers alike.

Central Otago Fruits

Our region is famously known for the incredible fruits and wines we produce. If you ever get the joy of spending a summer in Cromwell with us, fruit picking is an absolute must-do experience. There's nothing quite like picking your fruit straight from the trees, and bringing your bounty home to your friends and family.

Family Fun

For families, Cromwell's orchards provide a fun way to spend your day. The hands-on experience of picking fruit directly from the tree is exciting for all, and after a day in the sun treat the kids to a famous real-fruit icecream available at many of our local orchards.

Natural Splendor

Cromwell's scenic landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for fruit picking. Surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards, the orchards offer a tranquil escape from our hot Central Otago sun.

So whether you're a fruit enthusiast or a curious traveler, Cromwell's orchards invite you to experience their rich flavours, and fun-loving hospitality. So grab a basket, soak up the sun, and embark on a summer adventure ripe for the picking.