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The Gate CRomwell

Charm of Cromwell's Heritage Precinct

The Charm of Cromwell’s Heritage Precinct

The Old Cromwell Heritage Precinct is a treasure trove of history, culture, and scenic beauty. The area showcases Cromwell's rich past, particularly its golden era during the 1860s gold rush. Today, it offers a blend of historical exploration, and shopping and eatery opportunities, making it an amazing place to spend an afternoon.

A Glimpse into the Gold Mining Past

The Precinct brings the bustling days of the 19th century to life, when miners flocked to Central Otago in search of gold. As you wander the streets, you're transported back in time, walking in the footsteps of miners and settlers who once called this place home.

An Afternoon by the Lake

Beyond its historical allure, the Precinct offers a place of natural beauty and relaxation. Positioned on the calming shores of Lake Dunstan, enjoy scenic views and a peaceful atmosphere for you to sit back and relax at a local cafe, or as you stroll through the Precinct.

Browsing, Eating, and Enjoying Local Delights

The streets of the Precinct burst with an array of local shops and cafes, full of handmade treasures and delicious food & drink to enjoy. If you're looking for a souvenir to take home, the Precinct offers an incredible range of gifts so you can remember your time in Cromwell.

Learning the Rich History

Visiting the Precinct is an opportunity to connect with the past, the area is rich with stories and the legends of the people who shaped it. Through interactive displays and historical buildings, it's a fascinating and fun way to learn about the pioneers of Cromwell and the legacies they left behind.

For more information, come see our reception team at the Information Centre and we can help you with directions, transport, or any other enquiries you may have.